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Alex is a professional performer for Goddess of the Dunes Belly Dance company. She started in April 2008 and in just a few months she became professional. It was obvious to see that her passion lead her to advance very quickly in learning the art of belly dance.

She has performed in the Seychelles, Sun City and for various corporate clients.

Alex is proficient in veil , fire, Isis wings, sagat and sword . Her style is a combination of Lebanese, Turkish and Egyptian styles and she displays great control over her isolations. She also has a wonderful stage presence with a playful personality and its her charm that audiences love. Her speciality is drum solos.


Belly dance is a wonderful catalyst for her to express her love towards the dance and the music. Belly dancing has done wonders for her self confidence and she has grown as a woman who is able to feel the freedom to be herself. She feels belly dance has completely changed her life, and she has become more at peace with herself and her sprituality. Never before has she experienced such bliss!!


how I got started

Alex has been traveling to the Middle East since she was a young girl. On her travels she was exposed to the amazing culture of the Middle East. It was from a young age that she became captivated by Middle Eastern dance and music. The art of Belly Dance and the music has always been very sacred to her. Being the fan she was she spent a lot of time at a Lebanese restaurant where she met Elektra and began classes with her.

corporate clients

She has performed at numerous events of corporate clients, including:

  • FNB
  • Eskom
  • Deloitte
  • Telkom
  • Discovery

regular gigs

  • Marrakesh Lounge
  • Macedonia, bedfordview
  • Parea, Illovo

career highlights

  • Performing at the Woman's Show Expo at the Dome 2 years in a row.
  • Performing overseas on New Years Eve in Seychelles, Fairyland
  • Performance at the Crawford college Carnival couture fashion show 2009
  • Training with world famous Belly Dance Superstar Tamalyn Dallal


To book Alex as a performer for your next function, please contact us.


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