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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kim yet again for her outstanding performance yesterday. She blew the audience away, and her enthusiasm was truly magnetic. Thank you for making this event a huge success, and from what I heard from the guests yesterday, they will definitely be making use of your business card! – Nico The Royal Elephant hotel


"I want to thank you for the stunning Arabian princess party you hosted for my daughter!. It was so lovely to see the little girls faces light up when they watched you dance. It was very special. I was amazed at how you managed to keep the girls captivated for the hour. They all absolutely loved you and were sad to see you go! I know Michelle was the envy of all her friends. I have no doubt you will be getting lots of bookings because of the party. I never knew kids could also enjoy Belly Dancing!" - Desire


"Ever since discovering Elektra years ago, Goddess of the Dunes is the ONLY belly dance company I will deal with. They are professional, committed, reliable performers who take what they do seriously and always deliver. PHENOMENAL is the ONLY way to describe these ladies!! - Danielle @ Abstrakt Entertainment

"Thank you Goddess of the Dunes for the beautiful and professional show you did for us! Its really refreshing to work with an entertainment company that is on top of their game. They respond to emails timeously, arrived at the event on time and the show was well choreographed and not only that you can see these ladies truly LOVE what they do! - Greg @ Beyondred Events

"Beautiful, graceful, professional, talented! The ONLY way to describe Goddess of the Dunes. Definately a cut above the rest! You wont ever book anyone else after you have had a "Goddess of the Dunes" experience!" Thank you! I look forward to many more events together, its such a pleasure working with you! - Michael Shaun @ Success Organiser


"I would like to make use of this opportunity to thank you for an absolutely breathtaking performance. Everyone loved your energy! What a great way to end the night off. Thanks again for a stunning show - you were amazing!!" - Marlize


"We loved the show a lot of the guests were blown away by your performance, it was superb.. Thanks for being the cherry on the top at our wedding." – Mark


"The bride never expected a belly dancer - she was, in fact, very nervous about the possibility of a greasy stripper and how she would handle that in front of her mom! The panic vanished when she saw you, but was soon replaced by excited nervousness J I've known her all my life and could see that she loved being dressed up like some Arabian princess and that she loved the fact that her friends got to experience this with her. I would definitely recommend this for any kind of party and even corporate function. Thank you again Elektra! – Karin


I think Elektra is great at what she does – her dancing is fantastic and her warm and friendly personality is contagious. Belly dancing is such a liberating dance and everyone – young and old - had a fabulous time watching and trying it out. Elektra's outfits and props were brilliant which created a fabulous ambience and an excellent show. I would definitely recommend Elektra for any type of function from hen's party to corporate function!!" –Susan F


 “I would just like to thank you and compliment you on your professional manner in which you did your performance at the Pamper party on Saturday - all the girls and older ladies had a ball - they just loved it. Thank you so much and I will definitely spread the word that you guys are fantastic!!!" - Evadne


"Thank you for coming through you were fantastic! Everyone had a superb time & Lorena will remember this birthday for a long time. You offer a beautiful service & we will use u again." – Veronica


"WOW, what an amazing show you put on for us. We were mesmerised your show was excellent. I had goosebumps - thank you! Our guests also loved it and everyone commented on how beautiful you were. Thank you for adding some Middle Eastern glamour to our wedding!" - Kiley


"I want to thank you for the stunning Arabian princess party you hosted for my daughter!. It was so lovely to see the little girls faces light up when they watched you dance. It was very special. I was amazed at how you managed to keep the girls captivated for the hour. They all absolutely loved you and were sad to see you go! I know Michelle was the envy of all her friends. I have no doubt you will be getting lots of bookings because of the party. I never knew kids could also enjoy Belly Dancing!" - Desire


"Goddess of the Dunes is AMAZING! Thank you for the absolutely gorgeous show! You ladies are all stunners - talented and graceful! - Shaun


"I was a little skeptical to hire a belly dancer as I had heard some strange stories about belly dance entertainment. However, I just have to say that after doing some research and coming across your PROFESSIONAL website my concerns were put to ease. Your professionalism didnt stop there, from your email reply, quote layout, confirmation I knew I was dealing with the BEST. I knew exactly what to expect, I also could choose who I wanted to come and dance. Plus your rates are very reasonable. Then to put the cherry on top the show was mind blowing!!! I had no idea what belly dancing was all about and was really impressed with the fire and sword act. All I have to say is Elektra is in a league all of her own.- Melissa


"Thank you for adding some Middle Eastern magic to our party. You really made the night and lifted the atmosphere. All our guests complimented you and the girls on a phenomenal show! Thanks again! Will definately use you again! - Richard


“Dancing with Elektra is about technique & amazing shimmies. Classes are well structured, focused , energetic and lots of fun. Elektra is essentially feminine, graceful and in a class all of her own . The 'unlimited sessions' in a no of convenient locations, allow one to attend dance like a gym 5 days a week - Monday to Thursday and Saturday am. Attractive muscle tone soon starts reappearing. I could not have chosen a better group of studios .” - Gem


“Elektra is an inspiration and a wonder . Her gentle openness and simple, beautiful embodiment of the female spirit is intoxicating. She gives from her heart and loves everything she does. All I have to say is WOW !!!! No words can describe how effortlessly she dances, she just is the BEST !” – Melanie


"After a two year break, I decided that I wanted to ‘step up’ a level simply because I wanted to take belly dancing more seriously in terms of acquiring a skill. It was important to me to find a professional and ethical belly dance company with highly skilled, passionate trainers who pay attention to detail and who grow and nurture their dancers to be the best that they can be. As a result, I did my research and took time deciding who I wanted as a trainer, as well as which dance company I wanted to associate myself with. My decision to train with Elektra through the Goddess of the Dunes Belly Dance Company has certainly met my somewhat high expectations and more! In just over a month I can confidently say that I have acquired and have begun to master a broad range of movements and dance techniques. Elektra is a truly talented, passionate and dedicated trainer/ owner of the Goddess of the Dunes Belly Dance Company. She is inspiring, motivating and has a wonderful way of filtering her love and dedication for belly dance into the lives of those she teaches. In addition, her professional, client-centred approach is personal, nurturing, fun, but most of all empowering for all women wishing to embrace and celebrate their feminine power." –Sandi


“I have always been attracted to the beautiful dance called "belly dance" and after an extensive web search for a belly dancing school, I stumbled upon Goddess of the Dunes' contact information and after a brief conversation and enquiry about the classes, I knew this is what I was searching for. Elektra’s support, patience and personal attention given to her students makes attending the classes fun and informative.” – Kameela


"Learning to belly dance has opened up a new appreciation for dancing! It is not only a beautiful form of dancing but also a fun way to keep fit. I look forward to my classes and feel calm and refreshed afterwards; it allows you to concentrate on yourself for a change" - Hayley


“Growing up, I always wanted to dance and having the opportunity to now, I didn’t hesitate to sign up for belly dancing. It has been by far the most sensual, graceful and physically challenging dance I have ever had to do. And I have loved every second of it. Never have I felt so beautiful as I feel when the music is pulsating through my body. Simply put, I love this dance and plan to do it for a long time to come.” – Lebo


“I am a woman in her early 50’s and was a little intimidated to try out a daring option of belly dance. I was really nervous for my first class but when I arrived I immediately felt welcome. Elektra is friendly and takes her time to show the moves and help us and the girls are also nice. I have now been doing lessons for 5 months and I absolutely love it! I practice at home and its allowed me to get in touch with myself and with my femininity. I feel gorgeous for the first time in years!” – Corinna

"2 years ago, I unfortunately had back surgery following nerve damage in my spine. I took up belly dancing 2 months ago because I was so fed-up with my back complaints and wanted to try something that 'normal' 33-year-old women do. I have experienced an improvement in my back since I have started, enjoying far more mobility and increased fitness. It also strengthens my core muscles which takes pressure of my back. (And my flat stomach is great!) As a bonus, I am having so much fun. Elektra is a great instructor who is encouraging and supportive, I look forward to my classes with her."  - Lise


"I absolutely love my belly dancing classes, I look forward to every Tuesday knowing I have belly dancing in the evening. The music is amazing and the moves spectacular. The coin belt is my favourite as it jingles while we move our hips in a variety of moves. It's such fun, and a pure art form, I absolutely love it!" - Cindy


"I'm a mother of 2 beautiful children and I run a Real Estate Business with my husband. You can imagine just how hectic my days are. Ever since starting Belly Dancing at GODDESS OF THE DUNES BELLY DANCE STUDIO early this year, I'm a completely relaxed woman. Belly dancing not only stimulates me, but also I get to express my femininity freely. I feel more sexy and beautiful. The classes are a pleasure and great fun." - Miss Didi


"Belly dancing is such a beautiful & elegant form of dance. I have always wanted to learn how to belly dance as it is part of my culture!! The classes are great & I am learning so much!! It is really a good 'gym' workout!" - Angelique


"The first time I was ever familiarised with the magical ancient art of belly dancing, I was very young and I completely fell in love INSTANTLY! I saw a woman perform in Dubai the very first time, after that I was a frequent customer at Sheikh's Palace in Rivonia - the place where I met my saviour, Elektra! I got her card and joined up as soon as I could. It has been the most enjoyable, feminine, sexy, hilarious and passionate few months! My obsession grew the more I went to class, which I cannot get enough of! Elektra and Amy are my goddesses and thanks to them my skills are growing, as is my heart, for the women in the classes! Thank you SO much Elektra and the gang... PHENOMENAL to say the least." - Alex








Shape magazine bellydance workshop in Johannesburg


Students learn veil work


Students at one of our bellydance classes


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